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New Student

New Student to District

Required Documentation 

Required Medical Information

Homeless Children
Any homeless child shall be immediately admitted, even if the child or child's parent/guardian is unable to produce records normally required to establish residency. The term "homeless children and youth" is defined by the McKinney-Vento Act and specifies that it is individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Board of Education policy 6:140, Education of Homeless Children, and its implementing administrative procedure, govern the enrollment of homeless children. Homeless students shall be transported in accordance with Section 45/1-15 of the Education for Homeless Children Act.   
Education Rights of Students Who Are Homeless
The school district is required to designate a person to serve as "Homeless Liaison." The liaison can help with problems related to enrollment, request transportation on behalf of the children, help obtain immunizations or immunization records and birth certificates, and help mediate disputes with the school district. They are also there to help youth without parents or guardians. If you think your family may qualify for homeless services, or your family is having financial difficulties, please contact your school principal or your school social worker. Your information will always be treated confidentially.
District Liaison: Ms. Michele Bonham 630/355-5601 DuPage ROE Homeless Student Advocate: Heather Britton 630/514-1389 

*Continue to monitor our website for any updates or announcements.* 

New Student Registration Steps 

Contact the building secretary to begin the Skyward enrollment process.  They will guide you through the steps to complete the enrollment forms and upload any required documentation.

  • Glen Hill School (Grades K-4):

    Secretary - Kim McDonald 630-260-6143

    Secretary - Elizabeth Pacheco 630-260-6141

  • Americana (Grades K-4):

    Secretary - Dayana Tejeda 630-260-6135

    Secretary - Liliana Flores 630-260-6137

  • Glenside (Grades 5-8):

    Secretary - Lisette Blum 630-260-6114

    Secretary - Jocelyn Melendez 630-260-6112

    Required Documentation

A new student to the district is a student who has either never been enrolled in Queen Bee Schools or has left Queen Bee Schools and is returning.

Parents/guardians of new students must call the school to get information about enrollment.  If you are a student from out of state, Illinois law requires proof of physical, vision, and dental examinations performed within the year preceding enrollment and a written record of required immunizations must be provided.

The enrollment process requires an original birth certificate and proof of residency documents.  After the necessary documents and forms are complete portal access and instructions to enroll the student will be provided.  

Padres / tutores,

 ¡Nos complace en anunciar que la Inscripción para Nuevos Estudiantes ya está abierta!

Si usted es una familia nueva en el distrito escolar, comuníquese con la secretaria del edificio para comenzar el proceso de inscripción en Skyward. Le guiarán a través de los pasos para completar los formularios de inscripción y cargar la documentación requerida.

Los nuevos estudiantes deberán presentar prueba de residencia, una copia del certificado de nacimiento original y si se transfieren de otra escuela, un formulario de Transferencia del Estado de Illinois.

Glen Hill School (Grados K-4):

Secretaria - Kim McDonald 630-260-6143

Secretaria - Elizabeth Pacheco 630-260-6141

Americana (Grados K-4):

Secretaria - Dayana Tejeda 630-260-6135

Secretaria - Liliana Flores 630-260-6137

Glenside (Grados 5-8):

Secretaria - Lisette Blum 630-260-6114

Secretaria - Jocelyn Melendez 630-260-6112